Sexual Activities


  • Male Homosexual Behavior (Facts About Youth)
  • Creating Healthy Open Relationships - The Couples Study (Blake Spears & Lanz Lowen)
  • Beyond Monogamy: Lessons from Long Term Male Couples in Non-Monogamous Relationships - (Blake Spears & Lanz Lowen)

An important element of gay liberation was founded on sexual activity.  A student in 1978 revealed that 75% of self-identified white, gay men admitted to having sex with more than 100 different partners during their lifetime:  15% claimed 100 - 249 partners; 17% claimed 250 - 499 partners; 15% claimed 500 - 999 and 28% claimed more than 1000 lifetime partners.

Sexual connection is an important activity for human beings  Homosexuality activity has historically been labeled as unnatural or even sinful, creating a stigma for some GLBT people.  This can result in increased anxiety, hidden or surreptitious sexual activity, the increased use of drugs or alcohol, dangerous and unsafe sexual activities or situations as well as increased internalized homophobia.  Fear of reactions may also prevent disclosure to health care professionals which can result in a lack of medical interventions, both preventative and reactive.